Her real name is Claudia van Etten and she is a singer, actress and model. When she surprised a friend in 2006 with her Marilyn Monroe act, she never thought she would be singing “Happy Birthday” for Dolce and Gabbana in Milan just six months later. Her mission in life has always been to bring people joy. Claudia’s life is a wonderful mix of glamour and hard work. With her down-to-earth attitude, she always finds the right balance between the glitz and glamour of show business and just being “Claudia”.Since this first plunge into the entertainment business she has been co creating Marilyn experiences throughout the world. She is grateful for all the opportunities she has had to shine in theatre, on moviesets, at corporate events and most recently as one of “the 100” of the “Dutch TV show All together Now”

Memory Monroe started to make a custom text to sing in the bridge of the song “Happy Birthday” for the first time at the Birthday of Domenico Dolce:

“Thank you Dolce and Gabbana; for the wonders you design,
They are like Diamonds not like rhines,
Your collections and your lines, they make women shine, we thank you so much..!”

Since then she made 100’s of different texts that are adding a wonderful personal touch. That extra personal attention, together with her great looks and voice make her stand out among the 100’s of tribute artists that are to be booked all around the globe.


Dress Marilyn!

The making of the collection of dresses was a wonderful adventure of Claudia and her mom. Looking at videos and pausing the video to go through each frame by frame to see how the original dresses were made in detail.

In 2013 they went to a unique exhibition in Prague where they could see how the dresses were actually made and to their great joy they were exact replicas.
The “ Happy Birthday dress” also is embellished with 7000 Swarovski Cristals.

Since her mom was not able to help her make the dresses Claudia found a great designer by the name of Dennis Diem who also integrates corsets the way the original used to have.

“Claudia does Marilyn proud. She captures Marilyn flawlessly in voice, gesture, and “pin up” poses. Her costumes are incredible. We are thankful for all the joy she gives us. Her “family” at Immortal Marilyn will love her forever!”